05 Feb 2019

How To Make Your Property Rental Irresistible to Families

Do you have a rental property which you feel is likely to appeal to a family as the demographic of tenants? Properties in school catchment areas, with a fully fenced and secure yard, near parks and shops will often appeal to families. Families in general tend to look for similar features to settle down and grow roots and some of these features are below:


The layout of a home is important and the placement of the bedrooms and the living and entertaining areas in relation to the rear yard will also be a factor that families will be considering. Families with younger children will likely want the bedrooms close together as opposed to families with teenagers who may be seeking a different configuration.


Families are often seeking homes in specific school catchment areas or near universities. Also close to public transport, places of work, shops and parks.

Fenced Yards

A fully-fenced yard is an attractive feature for families. It means a break from too much screen time and will encourage bonding with the family, like games for the children or a nice Sunday breakfast next to mum and dad’s garden. It will also appeal to tenants with pets.

Pet Friendly

Families are often seeking pet friendly properties. If your property is fully fenced and has a yard then it would be advisable to consider allowing pets. This would need to be dependent on the type of pet and the tenants pet references.

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