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Switching managing agents has never been easier – it's a hassle-free process that we handle on your behalf, allowing you to 
avoid uncomfortable conversations about ending poor service
Our property management team is hands-on, personal, and caring, ensuring a seamless experience for both owners and tenants. 
Let us handle the stress for you and optimize your investment. 
Contact our office today for an introduction to our proactive property management team - Or
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Comprehensive Support for your Property

We understand that anything short of a specialist property management team would compromise the quality of service a landlord receives.

Rental Trends has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. And with that kind of industry exposure, we know what we are doing and do it very well. Rental Trends property managers are trained to negotiate the best rent increase possible without costing you a good tenant. We constantly strive towards the highest outcomes for you and your investment property, driving eager tenants towards your rental property. We are a results-oriented property management service. We understand the importance of communication and the continuity of staff. We work to obtain the best possible rents with the least possible downtime. It is because of our

experience as a specialist property management service that we can offer you a guarantee that we achieve results


Tenant Screenings

Our meticulous tenant screening process ensures the 'right' tenant for your property, in line with your expectations

and considering the benefits of the tenancy; long-term on the property.



Proactive Maintenance


Your property is an asset, and we treat it as such. Our proactive maintenance approach ensures that your property is consistently taken care of,   preventing issues before they arise, and tackling emergencies calmly and efficiently.

A well-maintained property lasts longer and attracts and retains high-quality tenants, maximizing your investment.




"We need a complete service! Not just a product.."

By using the services of Rental Trends, you have full control over the amount of personal input that you have with each of your clients.

Placing a residential investment property for your client’s consideration involves several steps (presentation, analysis, inspection, finance, property management, etc). We can assist you with all, part, or none of the processes.




How does a Rental Trends residential investment property stand out from the rest?”

Firstly, all the residential investment properties that Rental Trends offers for sale have been thoroughly researched to ensure that they are located to achieve maximum growth and the highest possible rental returns.

Each property comes with its own “profile,” which details the type of property, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, car accommodation, etc. The profile will also give examples of comparative recent sales of similar properties in the area, as well as a rental estimate, and details of local Council rates, body corporate fees, distances to the nearest shopping centers, public transport, schools, etc.

Also, all Rental Trends properties are ready for tenants to move into by settlement.

The properties will include such things as air conditioning, dishwashers, security screens, window furnishings, all floor coverings, etc.






Acknowledging your needs is paramount to us being good Property Managers


We acknowledge that you are focused on the bottom line and understand this

We acknowledge that any downtime (vacancy) makes a difference to the bottom line

We acknowledge the worry and anxiety that a poor tenant causes

We acknowledge that interest rate increases impact your cash flow

We acknowledge your need to create equity in your property so you can grow your portfolio.

We acknowledge that you need reliable, trustworthy advice regarding your investment property.

We acknowledge that you want property investment to be easy!


We know that the time and skill involved in marketing your property, locating the right tenant, managing the rent payments, conducting inspections, resolving disputes, and pursuing your interests is what we do best.

This is a full-time responsibility and to be effective you need to engage a full-time property management service.

If you’re looking for a property management service that is a local business (Not a Corporate Giant) in East Brisbane works with you to achieve your financial goals, building relationships and partnerships that have lasted years, and continue to grow stronger- You've found the right place.


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