11 Jul 2019

E-scooters show Brisbane's 'bold but sensible' innovation: Schrinner

As Brisbane hosts the minds behind Netflix and Amazon, as well as other global entrepreneurs and civic leaders, the lord mayor says the Lime scooters trial shows how the city can embrace bold innovation in a sensible way.

The 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit and Mayors' Forum brought dozens of city leaders, mayors, business owners and entrepreneurs to the Convention Centre, with more than 1270 delegates from 140 cities.

The three-day summit heard from Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph on Monday morning, with former Amazon chief scientist Andreas Weigend and the chairwoman of the joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, Peggy Liu, also set to speak.

"The Asia Pacific Cities Summit will put local businesses ahead of the curve, with business opportunities from major international projects in Hong Kong and Indonesia, as well as significant projects closer to home including the Brisbane Metro," lord mayor Adrian Schrinner said.

Cr Schrinner joined Mr Randolph after the Netflix co-founder's keynote speech on Monday morning to discuss the forum's impact, noting that Brisbane could expect about a $300 million benefit from conventions such as the APCS.

Mr Randolph joked that after creating an international company that "helped you waste time", he was enjoying being at a forum where city leaders were working to solve more complex world problems.

The retired entrepreneur now spends much of his time as an angel investor, supporting new ideas and investing in entrepreneurship.

"I visit a lot of places that are doing entrepreneurship, and you see some crazy stuff," he said.

"And what strikes me every time is I come into something thinking 'I'm not going to see anything here'.

"And then you see an idea and you go, 'Wow, that's actually a really good idea'. And I did see something in here that was fantastic - simple, solved a problem, and I go 'Wow, why hasn't someone done that before?'

"And that is just so striking, over and over and over again, that there are so many more things yet to be invented.

"It's one of the most exciting things about being in the role the role that I'm in, I get to see that, and I get to help that."

Cr Schrinner noted Mr Randolph's story had plenty for the city leaders to glean, in particular the lesson of having multiple ideas to test out, rather than just one.

He said for a city like Brisbane, where public scrutiny on the use of ratepayer funds was critical, there were still opportunities to be bold and innovative in a sensible way, citing the Lime electric scooter trial as one such opportunity.

The Asia Pacific Cities Summit continues until Wednesday.

SOURCE ; https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/e-scooters-show-brisbane-s-bold-but-sensible-innovation-schrinner-20190708-p5256a.html

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