21 Jul 2017

Brisbane Metro business case details plans to remove on-road bike lanes on Victoria Bridge

CYCLISTS on Victoria Bridge will be forced off the main road, if the Brisbane Metro plan goes ahead.

The $944 million Brisbane City Council project will expand on the existing public transport network.

A business case has proposed removing the on-road cycling lanes from Victoria Bridge.

The existing shared path will remain on the upstream side of the bridge, while the downstream will be widened to provide extra “cross-river pedestrian capacity”, but still be closed to cyclists.

Pedestrian and cyclist access to North Quay from the bridge will also change via a crossing at Adelaide St, replacing the existing crossing to Reddacliff Place.

Bicycle Queensland chief executive Ben Wilson said cyclists “lose out” in the project. “There needs to be a plan to get cyclists safely across Victoria Bridge and what has been offered is inadequate,” he said.

“As more people move into the South Brisbane area and won’t be able to drive, they will look to bikes. We should get it right now, so we don’t have to fix it later.”

Councillor Jonathan Sri (The Gabba) said it would be a “huge missed opportunity” if the council redesigned the bridge without improved cycle access.

Deputy Mayor and Public and Active Transport Committee chairman Adrian Schrinner said: “There are a number of different options for pedestrians and cyclists wishing to cross the river, but only one way for buses and metro vehicles … and that’s the Victoria Bridge.”

“The existing Cultural Centre busway station and the Victoria Bridge have been over-capacity for almost a decade and are causing major delays in the transport network.”

The plan is subject to funding and approvals.

If approved, construction would start in 2019, with expected completion in 2022.

Cyclists have organised a protest on Victoria Bridge on July 22. Search Mass Cyclist Protest: Don’t Kick Bikes off Victoria Bridge on Facebook.


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