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What to Know About Buying Property Near the Beach?

What to Know About Buying Property Near the Beach?

22 August, 2022

For many, purchasing a house near the beach, especially one of Australia’s best beaches like Surfers Paradise Beach on the Gold Coast or Kings Beach on the Sunshine Coast, is a dream. It’s one of the reasons many people purchase a ticket to the home lottery, in the hopes of winning a house in one of these dream locations.

But, whether you’re seriously looking at buying a beachside property or are hoping to win one, you need to know the following first.

Prices Are Unique
Beachside properties tend to be some of the most expensive in the country. Most importantly, you should note that the prices are unlikely to be comparable to prices anywhere else, even in the most expensive cities. That’s because they have a unique appeal, allowing sellers to charge higher than average prices.

Summer Is The Worst Time To Buy
If you’re set on a beachside property then you should know that they are particularly popular during the summer months. This is when people have visited on holiday and fallen in love with an area. As such, they let their hearts rule their head and will buy a beachside property. The popularity at this time of year pushes the prices up.

It’s better to look and buy in the winter.

Winter Is Different
There is something special about the hustle and bustle of a beachside town, especially when the sun is out and there are plenty of visitors. But, the atmosphere can be very different in the middle of winter.

You need to visit the area in the off-season to see what it is like and decide if it is really the place you want to live.

Best of all, if you look for properties in the winter you will see them at their worst. That means you’re more likely to notice any issues that need to be resolved.

Maintenance Costs
These can be particularly high if you’re looking at a second home as you’ll have taxes as well as maintenance to worry about. It should be noted that it often takes more maintenance to look after a beachside property as the building is exposed to extreme heat and saltwater most of the time.

It’s important to be aware of this before you commit.

Check Down the Coast
If you’ve chosen an ideal spot and fallen in love but find the beachfront properties are on the expensive side, look nearby. You’ll often find that the next beach along the coast is close but is less in demand, meaning the house process will be lower.

This approach is particularly beneficial if you are looking for a permanent residence as the slightly quieter beach is likely to have a better community feel.

Can You Live With Sand?
You’re buying a beachside property because you love the sea, the and, and the fresh air. But, living there is different to vacationing. You need to remember that sand gets everywhere and you’ll constantly find it in your house. Make sure you’re okay with this before you decide to buy.

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