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Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters in Brisbane

Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters in Brisbane

8 August, 2022

You probably don’t think about your gutters very much, but they perform an extremely important role in protecting your house from water damage. They direct the flow of rain from your roof away from your house’s foundation, making sure your home’s structure remains dry and stable. But when thinking about gutter replacement Brisbane homeowners may not know the signs that their gutters are failing them. Here are the things to look for to determine when your gutters should be replaced.

If your gutters are cracked, they aren’t doing you any good. The water is running right out the cracks and down the side of your house instead of away from it. So, your foundation is taking on water at the base that could end up weakening the boards that hold up your house. 

While you should keep your eye out for large cracks that can be seen from the ground, smaller cracks can cause just as much damage and you might not even know they are there. Look for dripping water in the middle of a gutter line or water stains running down the side of your house for clues to leaks.

Seam Damage
The weakest part of a drainage system is the seams where two gutters come together. It’s natural for seams to separate over time as they are exposed to the elements and the fasteners loosen. In fact, when you decide to replace your gutters, you might want to choose seamless gutters this time around so that there aren’t any seams to worry about. 

You will know that your seams are damaged because water will leak from where the two sections of gutter meet. There are some ways to repair seam damage so you don’t have to replace your gutters altogether, but this is often a major hassle, especially when there’s an easier solution available in the form of seamless gutters. 

Peeling Paint
A major sign of leaking gutters is peeling house paint. Water loosens the paint from the side of your house, so if you see the paint is peeling on certain sections of your house and not others, you probably have a gutter leak. Even if the paint is just bubbling up, you need to have your gutters inspected because a paint bubble is just the precursor to peeling paint. 

If there’s only a section or two that has minor paint bubbling or peeling, you could probably get away with a gutter repair instead of a full replacement, but if there are multiple sections of peeling paint, you should think seriously about replacing them all, especially if you plan on repainting your house anytime soon. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a new paint job only to have it ruined almost immediately by leaning gutters.

Mildew in the Basement
If you don’t catch your leaking gutters right away, the water that builds up around your foundation will eventually cause mildew or mold to grow in your basement. If you see mildew or mold in a previously dry area, have your gutters inspected right away.

Gutters are the unsung heroes of your drainage system. Be sure to keep them properly maintained, inspect them regularly for damage, and replace them when necessary to prevent damage to your home.