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Rental Trends Ready to Run.. Join Us for Bridge to Brisbane!

Rental Trends Ready to Run.. Join Us for Bridge to Brisbane!

by Jhannah Bardwell
7 May, 2024


In the heart of every city beats the rhythm of change. As the city of Brisbane prepares for the iconic Bridge to Brisbane event, Rental Trends steps into the spotlight not just as property managers but as advocates for transformation. This article dives into the story behind Rental Trends' participation in the Bridge to Brisbane and their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the community, featuring an abundance of charities such as

: Courier Mail Children Fund, Ronald Mcdonald House charity, Parkinsons QLD, Childrens hospital foundation, NDVR foundation, Pyjama Foundation, Childhood Cancer support, Small steps 4 Hannah, Anglicare, White Cloud foundation, food bank, Guide dogs, Lady Musgrave Trust, Beyond DV, Legacy and more.

Last year, the Bridge to Brisbane Foundation saw over 1.2 Million raised for over 300 QLD charities! 

Many businesses in the community are chipping in to show support, including real estate. 

This year, as a team Rental Trends is focusing on a massive issue across Queensland- Homelessness and Domestic Violence. The Lady Musgrave Trust tackles this issue head on.

Established in 1885, The Lady Musgrave Trust stands as a cornerstone of Queensland's charitable landscape, dedicated to transforming the lives of young women and their children.

The Trust was born out of a pressing need, led by Lady Jeanie Lucinda Musgrave (Pictured, right) wife of Queensland's Governor at the time. In the late 1800s, a wave of young women arriving from Europe found themselves homeless, having served on ships from the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Lady Musgrave and her supporters stepped in, offering safe accommodations and teaching valuables skills like cooking and nursing.

The Lady Musgrave Lodge, established in 1891 at Spring Hill, became a beacon of hope, housing and training thousands of young women. Over the years, the Trust evolved, embracing modern, self-contained properties across SE Queensland, providing stability and opportunities for independence.

Despite closing its doors in 1972, the Trust's impact continues to resonate. Today, under the Patronage of Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young AC PSM, it has assisted over 10,000 women and children, embodying resilience, empowerment, and a legacy of making a real difference in countless lives.


Homelessness Statistics in QLD:

1. There are over 122,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night1

2. Only 6 percent of people who are homeless sleep on the streets1

3. Domestic and family violence is one of the main reasons why people experience homelessness2

4. In Australia, one in seven people experiencing homelessness are over 55 years1

5. Over 17,600 children younger than 12 years are homeless1

Domestic Violence Statistics in QLD

1. Domestic and family violence was the main reason why more than 72,900 people sought assistance from a specialist homelessness service last year.3

2. One in six women, compared to 1 in 16 men, have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner.

3. 39% (or 108,000) of people seeking help from specialist homelessness services in 2021-22 had reported experiencing domestic and family violence.2

4. On average, one woman is killed every nine days by a current or former partner. One man is also killed every 29 days.2

5. Indigenous people were 32 times more likely to be hospitalized for family violence than non-Indigenous people.4

6. Approximately 2.5 million Australian adults (13%) experienced abuse during their childhood; the majority knew the perpetrator and experienced multiple incidents of abuse.5

The Lady Musgrave Fund has so far provided over 8,000-night beds for women and their children, 11 Accommodating units, 22,000 guides given out, 400+ organizations guided, connecting women to 2,500+ services and over $30,000 in forgone rents and donated expenses costs.

As a real estate agency, Rental Trends saw an opportunity to give back to the community and raise awareness/address the rising and prevalent issue of homelessness and its relationship with domestic violence across Australia. Survivors such as "Sarah", Watch and listen to her story below:

"It’s something I wish I had. In the shelters that I came from, you just stay to yourself… whereas I feel this will be a very safe atmosphere for mums to come out of their shell, and to spend time with their kids. This will be a great place to come to when life just isn’t going right, and you don’t have that support system.

Every young woman and their child deserves to be safe. And I think together, we are able to build that and accomplish that. " - SARAH, (The Lady Musgrave Trust, 2023, 0:02:57)

Why Should I Donate?

The Rental Trends team will be running the 5km track, with a goal of $1,000, this money will be extremely helpful as it will support the trust towards ...

1. Safe and Supportive Housing

"With domestic and family violence a primary cause of young women experiencing homelessness, The Lady Musgrave Trust gives young Queensland women and their children somewhere safe to go – a place they can call home.

While living in one of our 11 South East Queensland properties, The Trust walks beside these women to help them heal and stabilize their lives and develop life skills to build great futures for themselves and their children.  

With the supply of affordable and available housing in Brisbane at a record low, our upcoming housing project will increase the number of safe nights we provide to young Queensland women and their kids to about 12,000 per year."(3)

2. Quick access to life-saving information and services

"The Trust also produces The Handy Guide of Women’s Support Services – a free, easy-to-use one-stop shop of services and organizations in Queensland that support women, with a focus on homelessness.  

Referred to as the ‘bible’ by our partner organisations, and published in both a Brisbane and Regional Queensland edition, the Handy Guide is available in hard copy (we’ve distributed more than 220,000 of our Brisbane & Surrounds and Regional Queensland editions over the last 11 years) and online."(3)

3. Advocating for change to solve homelessness

"The Lady Musgrave Trust works with partner organisations to advocate for important reform and policy changes so that all Queensland women can live in safety.  We also work hard to strengthen the sector through connections, partnerships and collaborations.

Our signature sector event is the Annual Forum on Women and Homelessness.  This half-day Forum brings together more than 200 representatives from community organisations, government departments and education institutes to progress emerging and key issues that affect women being able to secure safe and stable accommodation.  

The Forum provides opportunities to learn from women’s lived experiences and to build connections within the sector and strengthen relationships between organizations. The 15th Annual Forum will be held during Homelessness Week on the 2 August 2023." (3)

Running for this cause is extremely important to our entire team, especially as our office is 50% women, the women in our office feel passionately about the right to be safe, and to have a choice, as well as having experienced homelessness and domestic abuse- our team understands the importance that raising funds can make for thousands of people. As small as $5 can make a change.



If you're able to donate even $5 to the cause, it will make a massive difference...


1. Scan the QR Code!


1. Click on  RENTAL TRENDS FUNDRAISER (Link to Fundraiser)

2. Click ' Donate to make a difference ' 

3. Leave a nice comment aside from your donation- we would love to hear your inspiration!




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