‘I was amazed!’: Mrs Hinch fans 5p hack to clean oven racks for ‘sparkling results’

‘I was amazed!’: Mrs Hinch fans 5p hack to clean oven racks for ‘sparkling results’

‘I was amazed!’: Mrs Hinch fans 5p hack to clean oven racks for ‘sparkling results’

18 August, 2022

As frequently used appliances, oven racks can quickly become a distant memory for many as cleaning them can often be put off or simply forgotten about. What’s worse is that it doesn’t take long for them to suffer a build-up of grime and grease. However, the task doesn’t have to be that tedious as fans of cleaning icon Mrs Hinch have suggested an item most will own that is inexpensive and offers results.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one man asked for advice on how to clean his oven, specifically the racks inside.

Brian Loynton wrote: “Could anyone help me with tips for cleaning ovens, especially the oven racks. Thanks.”

Even for those who sparingly use the oven, a residue will still accumulate, and ignoring the task will only put off the inevitable.

It will also make the work required to remove the grimy debris much harder.

In any scenario, it’s important that the appliances you use to cook with are as clean as possible to prevent any negative health impact.

For this reason, it’s recommended you should clean racks at least once a month.

Although this might sound daunting, there is a super simple way to smash out this task, and a bonus is that it requires only one item to do so - and you won’t need any fancy or expensive oven cleaners, either.

According to Mrs Hinch fans homeowners can get “sparkling results” from using washing powder.

Jane Harrison said: “Put them in the bath with very hot water and half a box of biological washing powder. Leave overnight. 

“The next morning all the dirt should be able to easily wipe off with a microfibre cloth and reveal sparkling results.”

Hannah Canes commented: “I put mine in the laundry tub with a couple of scoops of laundry powder and very hot water to cover them. Let them soak for an hour or so. 

“Then use a microfibre cloth to wipe over. This works brilliantly. They shine up like a diamond.”

Isobel Black replied: “Washing powder in hot water and submerge over racks. Always did it for me.”

Nina Burton wrote: “I put oven racks in the bath with hot water and a bit of washing powder, leave to soak and most of the grime comes off without effort.”

Sandy Davis suggested: “Soak in the bath with lots of biological washing powder and some hot water and leave overnight.”

Gail Driscoll advised: “Use washing powder in the tub with boiling water. I was amazed by the results and it doesn’t ruin the chrome casting, like I’ve found with other cleaning products.”

Tracey Herbert added: “I always use washing powder to clean my oven racks as it’s cheap for how versatile the product is.”

Washing powder is not only great for cleaning clothes, it can also remove grease and grime from an array of surfaces, brighten tile grout and unblocking drains.

It can be picked up from supermarkets like Asda for £2.20, which works out as just under 5p as it allows for 45 uses.

Dishwasher tablets have also been known to offer the same results.

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