Deer population wreaking havoc in Brisbane's southwest

Deer population wreaking havoc in Brisbane's southwest

Deer population wreaking havoc in Brisbane's southwest

26 July, 2022

Residents in Brisbane's southwest have been warned of a growing deer population wandering suburban streets, blocking roads and ruining native bushland.

Wildlife experts are warning more deer are likely to move into the suburbs in the Winter months, adding the animals may look cute but are incredibly destructive.

"They're not nice deer, they're not Bambi, they're not Rudolf, they're evil deer," Shealagh Walker from the Centenary and District Environment Action Inc said.

She said the deers also pose a danger to motorists.

"Every night they'll be seen somewhere in the Centenary Suburbs," Walker said.

"They'll be out eating people's gardens and they have to cross the roads to do that and they're big beasts it’s like hitting a small horse."

Residents in the Centenary Suburbs have been creating makeshift fences and knitting sleeves for their trees to deter the herds of deer.

"It's actually to stop the deer eating the bark because when they run out of grass they start on bark," Walker said.

Craig Clark from the McLeod Country Golf Club said the golf club's grounds are also being trampled.

"They can actually rip up a fair bit of the fairway when male deer fight with their big horns," he said.

Clark added there were likely over 900 roaming the area.

Around 120 deer are culled each year but the pests are reproducing at a far faster rate.

Brisbane lord mayor Adrian Schrinner said wild deer populations could be reported to Brisbane City Council.

"If they report deer in various locations we'll be out there monitoring and managing those feral deer populations and actively trying to reduce those populations as well," he said.