Ann Absolon

  • Principal -Senior Property Manager

  • Phone: 07 3391 1888

    “The difference between a good property manager and a great one often comes down to what happens after your property has been leased.”

    As Principal and Senior Property Manager, I have over 20 years experience in the property management arena.

    Having held positions such as portfolio property manager, departmental manager and business development manager I gained the experience for the essential foundations to build my business.

    Recognising that branded agencies overly focus on sales at the expense of their property management division, Rental Trends was established in 2004.

    Providing a high level of service to ensure standards are maintained and promises are kept, I am completely confident in providing an exceptional level of service in all areas associated with property management.

    I am also confident that this high quality of service is experience by each and every one of our clients at all times.

    As a successful business woman and caring employer, I combine a calm and easy going nature with clear insight and authority born of years of riding both the highs and lows in the market.

    Rental Trends is committed to you so you can

    Experience the difference