Our People


Principal & Senior Property Mananger

At Rental Trends we understand all things proeprty management.  This is what we specialise in, renting and caring for your investment all day, every day.  And because this is all that we do, we do it very well.

As Principal, I have over 25 years experience in the property management arena and due to having held positions such as a portfolio property manager, departmental manager and business development manager I have gained the experience for the essential foundations to build my business.

Property management is not just about collecting the rent.  It is our job to ensure that your investment is treated with the respect that it deserves and the only way to do that is to ensure that we have matched the right people to your property. 

Rental Trends holds a reputation for consistently achieving excellent results within the dynamic arena of property management.  Rental Trends focus is to provide a customer service that is a "cut above the rest" and to build strong relationships with owners and tenants.  The end result of this is that owners, tenants and Rental Trends work together in harmony. 

When you engage Rental Trends as your specialist property management service you are guaranteed of not being lost in the crowd. Rental Trends is very passionate about providing our customers with a service that exceeds what other agents are only prepared to offer.



Sarah is an approachable and professional staff member.  With over 7 years experience in learning all the fundamentals of property management, Sarah has proven herself to be a vital and integral part of our team.  Sarah comes highly recommended by our customers for her customer service. 

Sarah thrives on continued learning and the fast paced environment of property management.  Sarah is passionate about the property management industry and delivers an exceptional service to both Owners and Tenants.  Sarah delivers a service to our clients that exceeds their expectations and it is this that sets her apart in the industry.

Sarah is a reliable member of the team who always acts in the best interest of her valued clients, willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome is always achieved.  With her great attitude in every situation and her strive to succeed in all tasks, Sarah plays a vital role in the operations of Rental Trends.



Aimee began her career with Rental Trends as a part time Saturday morning receptionist and quickly rose through the ranks to be our new Leasing Officer.  After 4 years she has clearly displayed her organisation skills and efficiency.  

Energetic and enthusiastic, Aimee enjoys meeting new people and thrives on being able to build long term client relationships.  Her attention to detail and ability to think outside the square means that our clients will benefit from a young woman who is willing to go the extra mile.

Although Aimee is the quietest of the team she is friendly and very amiable.  Aimee is a great asset in her current roll.



Due to a strong work ethic, perseverance and determination Greg’s success in to-days competitive real estate market was guaranteed.

As a sales manager for 26 years in the motor industry Greg brings to the business well learned negotiation skills.  Most importantly, Greg is personable and shows great integrity, decency and honesty in his dealing with Rental Trends clients.

Although Greg’s role in Rental Trends is diversified his knowledge of property management and all that is associated to the industry is extensive.  He works in many aspects of the business be it maintenance, routine inspections, leasing property or selling property, so when there is an issue he is the “go to man".

Gregs mature approach to providing an honest and thorough service to our clients ensures that the Landlords are kept well informed.  



Karen joined our team in 2018 as the company's administrative assistant.  Karen is very resourceful and diligent and comes to our business with a superior knowledge of property management having worked in the industry for many years. 

Karens thrives on the fast paced and challenging environment tht property management provides on a daily basis.  She is professional in her approach and has a very positive outlook.

Karen enjoys servicing both owners and tenants alike and contributes to the efficient running of the business on a daily basis.

Karen is approachable, profesisonal and passionate about the industry.