12 Jul 2018

What's the safest way into the property market?

What's the safest way into the property market?

Should you buy a new home or an established one? Getting into the property market can be overwhelming - not only does it take great discipline to manage your funds, but there's so many decisions to weigh up.

Buying off-the-plan can be scary when you start paying for something without eyeballing the final product, yet buying something which requires renovating can be daunting.

There are incentives and considerations says property guru, Frank Valentic (of 'The Block' fame), founder of Melbourne-based buyers’ advocacy service, Advantage Property Consulting.

“Established properties can have timeless appeal. The rooms are more often bigger and the construction is usually more solid, so therefore long-term viability and maintenance with an older style property can stand the test of time,” he says.

In comparison, a new home can offer buyers peace of mind, as “There will be less maintenance, as it is a brand-new property, and apart from some initial defects, which are usually fixed, there is not a lot of maintenance,” Frank says.

Whether you opt for an apartment or house; one-bedroom or two; established or new property, it all comes down to budget and the market so take the time to talk to a home loan provider like RAMS and be sure to ask any curveball questions on your path to home ownership.


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