31 May 2019

Speed limits slashed as Brisbane council reviews pedestrian safety

Speed limits along two of Brisbane's busiest roads are being slashed by 20km/h - and the council isn't stopping there.

It says it is "investigating" speeds on at least six more roads, after a review into pedestrian safety.

From next Tuesday, the limits will be cut from 60km/h to 40km/h along 400-metre stretches on Oxley Road at Corinda, and Old Cleveland Road at Stones Corner.

Amanda Cooper, Brisbane City Council's Infrastructure Chair, said it's about "making those roads safer for everyone".

"These are shopping, dining precincts where we've got a lot of pedestrian activity - a lot of people catching buses, a lot of people crossing those roads," she said.

It comes after 11 pedestrian-related accidents at those two locations, over the past five years.

But not everyone is convinced a cut to speed limits is the right solution.

"Our fear always with government is sometimes they'll take the cheaper solution, and not the best solution," RACQ spokesman Paul Turner said.

"We want to see more when it comes to separated cycle and pedestrian infrastructure."

The council says it wants to be "informative" and is trying to alert the public well in advance of the changes.

But it says it will notify police if people consistently disobey the new limits.

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