15 Aug 2019

Seven inner-city Brisbane suburbs where speed limit may drop to 40km/h

Several inner-city Brisbane suburbs have been handpicked for a proposed speed limit change, with some limits potentially lowered by 20km/h.

But the proposal has already met with opposition from Brisbane City Council's Liberal National Party administration.

Greens councillor for The Gabba Jonathan Sri said he wanted a blanket limit of 40km/h across his entire ward, including Dutton Park, South Brisbane, West End, Highgate Hill, East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point and Woolloongabba.

On Wednesday he launched a petition to lower the speed limit for The Gabba ward.

“Rather than having speed limits constantly changing, it would be a lot more straightforward if there would be a blanket 40km/h speed limit in The Gabba,” Cr Sri said.

“I think there are other parts of the city that would also benefit from lower speed limits, but the inner-south side is a good location for a trial of this kind.”

Cr Sri said his idea was not that “radical”.

“Too many lives are lost in preventable road accidents,” he said.

“Too many people choose to drive because they don’t feel safe riding or walking.

“As the population of Brisbane’s inner-south side grows, we need to make our roads safer for all modes of transport, but particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.”

The council's Infrastructure chairman Amanda Cooper said the council did not support the proposal to reduce all roads in any ward to 40km/h.

"The Gabba Ward has major connection roads including Cordelia Street, Merivale Street, Stanley Street, Montague Road, Annerley Road and Main Street," Cr Cooper said.

"Any reduction in the speed limit for these streets would mean traffic gridlock, Montague Road alone carries 320 buses on weekdays, carrying on average nearly 3000 passengers per day.

"There are over 30 streets in West End that are limited to 40km/hour."

Cr Cooper said the council did not believe a blanket reduction on all suburban streets would benefit road safety.

Cr Sri said he would want thousands of signatures in support of the change before he presented it to the council and state government for consideration.

“Basically politicians are often very risk-averse and don't want to make waves,” he said.

“For a trial like this to go ahead, it’s going to need thousands and thousands of signatures.”

Cr Sri said speed limits of 50km/h and 60km/h in built-up inner-city suburbs were not safe or sustainable, but a two-year trial would be needed to determine how effective a permanent reduction could be.

The petition statement read:

"We call on the Queensland government and Brisbane City Council to initiate a two-year trial of 40km/hr speed limits in all seven suburbs of The Gabba ward, on Brisbane’s inner-south side.

"We call for a default speed limit of 40km/h unless otherwise signed in the suburbs of West End, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane, Dutton Park, Kangaroo Point and East Brisbane, and for speed limits to be lowered on all streets with the exception of key arterial roads.

"We urge you to consult with all relevant stakeholders and act decisively in initiating a two-year trial."

SOURCE ; https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/40km-h-speed-limit-proposed-for-seven-inner-city-brisbane-suburbs-20170830-p4yvmq.html

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