25 Oct 2017

Queensland’s first Share Shed opens in Salisbury where the public can borrow anything from party goods to garden gear

A SHARE shed, where members can share everything from lawnmowers to kayaks, disco balls, unicycles and a chocolate fountain, will open at Salisbury this month.

Co-founders Nicole Bray, of Annerley, and Sarah Pember, from Moorooka, will oversee the share shed operating out of Textile Crescent, Salisbury, from September 30

“The share shed will allow members to borrow useful items like a lawnmower, a bread maker, a tennis racquet or a disco ball, all for the price of an annual membership,’’ Ms Bray said.

“There are already successful tool libraries and share sheds operating in Canada, the United Kingdom and in Victoria and NSW, but this ... will be the first in Queensland.’’

Ms Bray said there was enormous support in the community for the concept.

“We knew the idea was popular but the amount of community support we have received has been overwhelming,’’ she said.

“People have been super generous.”

Fellow founder Ms Pember said: “We are able to open so soon because of public donations of items and assistance.

“We aim to stock every category of item that is useful to people and is more beneficial to borrow than buy, both financially and environmentally.’’

Some categories include:

■ Hand and power tools

■ Kitchen appliances and utensils

■ Sport and recreation equipment

■ Sewing machines and overlockers

■ Musical instruments

■ Event and party items

■ Toys and games

“There is no restriction for us on item type – except our purpose is really about stocking items people only use occasionally so that every household doesn’t have to buy, store, insure and maintain them,’’ said Ms Pember, explaining among the 100 items donated was a Steinberger guitar.

Ms Bray said the $80 annual membership “entitled you to everything we have’’.

“We are one central point. It is run as a business but we are not-for-profit. We are invested in the longevity of the project,’’ Ms Bray said.

Ms Pember said: “We are an incorporated association which means we are not-for-profit and all revenue goes back into Share Shed.’’

Ms Bray said they tested public feedback for the concept on the Moorooka Grapevine Facebook page. “We got lots of responses,” she said.

Cr Steve Griffith (Moorooka), who donated a wheelbarrow, praised the concept.

The shed opens on September 30, 10am-12pm, at 1/8 Textile Cres, Salisbury.


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