12 Dec 2019

Neighbours’ horror as home built with massive electrical tower in backyard

A new unit development in southeast Melbourne has shocked neighbours, as developers have included a high-voltage electrical tower inside of one of the unit’s backyards.

The three-unit development on Clarinda Road in Clarinda, Melbourne, contains the partial base of a 50m tall high-voltage cable pylon that sits just metres from the back door of one of the units. Neighbours have called the construction around the tower “dangerous”, saying it “buzzes” in wet weather.

The construction of the backyard and its fence around the power tower was approved by the Kingston City Council (KCC), according to The Herald Sun.

Neighbours Narvada and Suttianand Seebaluck, whose home backs onto the still-vacant units, are horrified by the development. They pointed out that children using the backyard would be at risk of climbing the structure, which carries a terrifying 275 kilovolts.

“It looks bad, and the tower is dangerous to live near,” said Ms Seebaluck. “We can hear the buzzing whenever it’s windy or raining.”

Another neighbour, Salma Thani, said there was “no way” residents living in the home could stop children climbing the tower.

“There are lots of houses around here near powerlines, but not that close,” Ms Thani said.

“It’s obviously very dangerous. There’s no way you could stop kids from climbing up onto it.”

According to the report, KCC said the builder “complied with all requirements” relating to the building permit.

The KCC general manager of planning and development, Jonathan Guttmann, further explained the tower, operated by AusNet Services, had met safety requirements.

Mr Guttmann said council sought the community’s input and received “no objections”.

Council has not revealed the name of the building group behind the construction.

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SOURCE ; https://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/news/neighbours-horror-as-home-built-with-massive-electrical-tower-in-backyard/news-story/2a6c26acd40d9383c10ed744d7d14164

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