02 Mar 2018

Moving house? Here’s how to guarantee to get your bond back

MOVING house is stressful enough without having to worry about getting your rental bond back.

According to Tenants Queensland, disputes around fair wear and tear, repairs and cleaning are the most common reasons renters lose bond money at the end of a tenancy.

Tenants Queensland chief executive Penny Carr said tenants frequently failed to keep adequate records of the condition of the premises when they moved in and when they vacated.

Ms Carr said it was vital tenants completed detailed RTA entry and exit condition reports of the property when they moved in and out, along with taking photos and keeping copies to avoid protracted disputes down the track.

“Evidence of the state of the property on entering and exiting is the best insurance policy,

providing protection for tenants to reclaim their bond money at the end of their tenancy.”


 Ask for a receipt if you pay a bond or part bond in cash and sign the RTA Bond Lodgement form.

 In general tenancies, the person you pay bond to must lodge your bond and the form with the RTA within 10 days.

 Fill in an Entry Condition Report and take photos to record the condition of the premises when you move in. Keep a copy.

 Read all documents carefully and never sign a blank or incomplete form, particularly a Form 4 Bond Return Form.

 Use a Change of Bond Contributors form to update RTA signatures if people on the bond change.

 Keep copies of your receipts for bond or rent payments.

 Give written notice before you leave.

 Tenants are responsible to leave the premises in the same state as they received it in but are not responsible for fair wear and tear.

 When moving, it is the tenant’s responsibility to start the process of completing an Exit Condition Report. Fill it out, keep a copy before giving it to the lessor or agent to fil in their side. Take photos of the premises, particularly any areas which you might be subject to a dispute. Keep copies of any cleaning receipts.

 Return all keys when you leave.

 As soon as your notice period ends, if you don’t think you will come to an agreement with the agent or owner about the bond return, immediately send an RTA Form 4 Bond Return in to the RTA.

 As soon as you move, notify the RTA of your new address in case the first claim is made by the agent or lessor.

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