08 Mar 2018

More Brisbane residents forced to hand over land for $115 million project

Property resumption for a $115 million road-widening project is continuing, with more residents forced to hand over some of their land to Brisbane City Council.

First announced by the council in 2014, the two-stage Wynnum Road road upgrade required the widening of Lytton Road to six lanes, with the full and partial resumption of 49 properties.

Another four properties must now be partially resumed as part of Stage 1B.

Lord mayor Graham Quirk said Stage 1b had originally been planned for later but the council brought it forward to create interim measures to improve traffic efficiency along Wynnum Road between Canning Bridge and Riding Road.

“State government web crash data in the stage 1b area shows that between 2007 and 2016 there were 86 crashes reported, 55 of those resulted in medical treatment or hospitalisation,” Cr Quirk said.

The impacted private property owners received a letter from the council in September 2017 to arrange a meeting over the potential resumption.

While three of the property owners agreed to the resumption, one owner objected.

The residents wrote to the council to outline their case against the objection, but the council will now submit a request to the state government for endorsement for the proposed property resumption.

Council infrastructure chairwoman Amanda Cooper said the project was about giving people options, improving their mobility and dealing with the fact it was an unsafe corridor.

"We are absolutely understanding that it is tough for those who have to go through a resumption process, it is not something anyone enjoys, it's a difficult process and council is very much committed to working with all those impacted properties and making sure they're supported through the whole process," she said.

Newly elected Labor councillor for Morningside Kara Cook said the opposition supported the project and the planned resumption.

“This is an important project and I understand and acknowledge the objections by one of the affected parties in terms of their property resumption but both myself and the Labor team support [the resumption],” she said.

“I do think we need to be upfront, open and transparent with the owners, not only for these properties but also others affected by the Wynnum Road upgrade.”

Greens councillor Jonathan Sri said the project was not in the public interest and encouraged more people to drive.

“This isn’t about safety ... it’s possible to improve safety outcomes without necessarily widening the corridor,” he said.

Construction activities for Stage 1 have already started and both Stage 1 and Stage 1b are due for completion by early 2020.


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