13 Jul 2018

Marathon journey to do Brisbane marathon

MEL Haines has never been a runner.

But for the past four months she has armed herself with her dachshund, Twinkle Star, and Kelpie cross Border Collie, Tucker, and run the back roads of Lockington.

As she put it, she simply ‘‘made herself run’’.

And she will now run 42.195km in Brisbane next Sunday in the name of Monique Squires.

Mel is one of the biggest supporters of Team Moni who are aiming to raise $20,000 for The Cure Starts Now.

Monique was just five when she lost her 13-month battle with the aggressive and incredibly rare paediatric tumour, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).

Mel has been a part of Team Moni since the beginning and has done two 15km Run Melbourne events in the past two years.

‘‘I also did the Gold Coast half marathon and then after the last Run Melbourne I thought why not raise some more money and go the for the full,’’ Mel said.

‘‘Danielle and I just started running together to raise some money after Moni died.

‘‘I have never been a runner but I have been doing it for a cause and I just keep thinking one foot after the other.’’

Mel is an Osteopath, netballer and above all a mother of four.

And in between all that she has managed to train for a marathon.

‘‘I have really benefited from running,’’ Mel said.

‘‘My son is the same age as the twins, Monique and Zoe, so we were always friends with the Squires since they moved here.

‘‘Moni was such a gorgeous little girl so to be able to do this for her and to hopefully save another child is incredible.

‘‘Danielle is an inspiration and such an incredible woman.’’

As a mother Mel just wants her kids to believe anything is possible.

‘‘If I cross that finish line I hope it shows them that anything is possible,’’ she said.

‘‘It just shows if you put your mind to something and push through whatever it is you can do it.

‘‘And to raise awareness and money for this vital cause is so important.

‘‘To be a parent and to be told that there is no cure is just heartbreaking.

‘‘We know it won’t just happen but if we keep raising money we will get there and we will help another young child like Moni one day.’’

Mel has mixed emotions about facing the Brisbane Marathon on July 7 but said she will just keep plotting along.

‘‘My family will be there to support me but I will be running solo so to get to that finish line is my only goal,’’ she said.

‘‘But to finish it in about four and a half hours would be great.

‘‘I just hope I have done enough to get there.’’

To donate to Mel’s cause visit give.everydayhero.com/au/team-moni


SOURCE ; http://www.riverineherald.com.au/regional/2018/06/26/150443/i-have-never-been-a-runner-but-i-have-been-doing-it-for-a-cause-and-i-just-keep-thinking-one-foot-after-the-other-if-i-cross-that-finish-line-i-hope-it-shows-them-that-anything-is-possible-mel-haines-marathon-journey-to-do-brisbane-mara

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