17 Dec 2019

Home Decor Tips: THESE are the easy tricks to make a small room appear BIGGER

Big cities and small apartments are a match made in heaven. All of us accept renting and living in small spaces as a way of life. Skyrocketing rents, lack of space and constant moving around actually makes small living spaces economically feasible and easier to take care of, especially for young people. Yet at the same time, small spaces also make us feel claustrophobic and and comfortable. Choosing the wrong decor style and furniture often ends up taking a lot of space and makes the room seem smaller than it actually is. Small changes in decor, furnishing and colour can have a major impact on “opening up” your living space. You can employ a few easy tricks to fool the eye and the mind into thinking that the room is actually a lot bigger than it seems to be!

Choose light colours for the walls

Light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light walls reflect natural light and make a small room seem open and airy. You can go for off-white, blue and green, yellow and pistachio green for an optimum effect.

Minimalism is the key

It’s not wise to cramp an already small space with things you don’t need. Get cabinets, storage holders or attractive trunks to store your items. Keep one statement furniture in the room and leave accessorising to a minimum. Bid goodbye to rugs and carpets to create the illusion of more floor space.

Choose one big signature piece as wall decor 

If you want to hang wall decor in a small room, opt for one large piece of art instead of a display of several small items. Even if you choose to put up multiple displays, limit the display to only one wall in the room as too many wall decors will make the room look cluttered. 

Strategically placed mirrors can do wonders

Mirrors can make your room look larger and  give the illusion of depth. Mirrors also reflect light and make the room appear brighter. You can use glass tabletops, mirrored cabinet doors and glass decor to achieve this effect. 

Add length to the room with ceiling to floor curtains

Small rooms are naturally short in height too. You should opt for ceiling to floor curtains in the same colour as those of the walls to make your walls appear broader and the room, taller!

SOURCE ; https://www.pinkvilla.com/lifestyle/home-decor/home-decor-tips-these-are-easy-tricks-make-small-room-appear-bigger-488161

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