26 Sep 2018

Brisbane property’s secret entrance hidden in plain sight

JUSTICE League stashed theirs in space, the Avengers’ hid theirs in New York, but the secret entrance in this Brisbane property is so clever it’s hidden in plain sight.

The streets of Brisbane inner-city suburb Woolloongabba team with thousands every summer as cricket comes to town, but it’s also an area much loved for its old world bars, quirky restaurants, antiques and vintage fashion.

Inspired by that 1920s prohibition era type charm a Brisbane firm decided to hide their workbase in plain sight - reversing prohibition era thinking putting the party up front and business in the back.

It has a fully stocked bar, floor-to-ceiling bookcases overflowing with specially-sourced vintage books and jazz playing in the background.

But hidden behind the row of wall-to-wall bookcases is the secret work base of real estate firm Place Woolloongabba.

“Think prohibition, bootleg alcohol and the 1920s … It doesn’t remotely resemble a real estate office,” according to a spokeswoman.

“But,” she said, “if you know which book to press, the secret entrance — think Batman — reveals the work office that lies behind”.

Pressing the Who’s Who of 1977 literally opens the door hidden in the bookcase.

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It’s not the only property with secret entrances on the street, with old world pub Electric Avenue literally hiding a whole new era in the closet — a secret speak-easy jazz bar Jack Rabbit’s Whiskey Bar.

Place director James Curtain said the street was the biggest inspiration for the firm.

The street is a mix of antiques, vintage fashion, industrial chic and Brisbane bars and eateries infused with old world charm.

The street is a mix of antiques, vintage fashion, industrial chic and Brisbane bars and eateries infused with old world charm.Source:Supplied

“We drew inspiration from the heritage of the area, in particular the nature of the street. We wanted to create a tenancy that was in keeping with how those existing businesses look,” he told The Courier-Mail.

“The secret door is our way of introducing an element of fun … it’s like a reversal of prohibition and bootleg alcohol.. so the bar’s in the front and it’s all business behind.”

The bookcase opens up to a large expanse full of timber tables, leather clad alcoves, and exposed ductwork in keeping with the industrial working nature of the area’s past.

It’s not the first time the business has thought outside the box, the Place spokeswoman said, with the entrance to their Bulimba office a modern and fully-functioning kitchen and dining area, complete with fireplace.

“The new Kangaroo Point office also looks like a show home.. boasting a fireplace, kitchen, living and dining area.”

SOURCE ; https://www.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/brisbane-qld/brisbane-propertys-secret-entrance-hidden-in-plain-sight/news-story/6bec6d0a86c3a8442ad451adafe59434


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