18 Oct 2017

Brisbane cyclists to get permanent bike lanes, with cars banned from parking along Sylvan Rd at Toowong for six hours a day

A KEY Brisbane road that links two of the city’s busiest cycling routes will have permanent bike lanes installed after a successful 12-month trial of the initiative.

Cars will be banned from parking along Sylvan Rd in Toowong for three hours until 9am and three hours until 7pm, five days a week as part of the initiative.

It means cyclists have a direct connection between the Western Freeway bikeway and the Bicentennial bikeway that runs along the river from Toowong to Kurilpa Bridge near Tank St in the city.

Brisbane City Council’s active transport advocate Adrian Schrinner said the move was about balancing the needs of businesses, residents and local cyclists.

“We believe we’ve got the balance right here,” Cr Schrinner said.

“By having parking restricted in the peak times but parking allowed at other times of the day, we’re balancing the needs of not only the cyclists but also local businesses and residents.”

Cr Schrinner said there had been an almost 20 per cent increase in cyclist trips along Sylvan Rd since the trial began, after cyclists raised concerns about riding along the stretch of road.

“That’s a fantastic outcome in just 12 months,” Cr Schrinner said.

“One of our busiest bikeway connections has become even busier as a result of this trial.”

Council will spend $80,000 to introduce flashing LED signs, along with enhancing road markings, to warn motorists parking was restricted.

Cr Schrinner said that would be complimented with an increased enforcement action.

“Once that signage is in there there’ll be no excuse for people not seeing the signs in place,” Cr Schrinner said.

Corner Store Café manager Lydia Bauler said the bike lane had hurt the popular business along Sylvan Rd over the past year.

“We wouldn’t even really get business until 9am in the morning now,” Ms Bauler said.

Council will now start investigating how it can fully separate cycling and pedestrian routes from the end of the Western Freeway bikeway to the Sylvan Rd bike lanes. It is understood a tunnel for cyclists is one option, with another one designated for pedestrians.

Bicycle Queensland chief Ben Wilson said he was pleased with the forward planning.

“It will stop riders getting hurt,” Mr Wilson said.

Opposition Labor councillor Jared Cassidy said he supported the move.

“This is what cyclists want so they are able to commute safely,” Cr Cassidy said.

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