05 Nov 2020

Brisbane clinic to begin trials on promising coronavirus drug

A Brisbane clinic is set to begin human trials on a drug that's exhibited a strong anti-viral effect against COVID-19.

Niclosamide has been used as an anti-parasitic treatment since it was developed in 1958 and sold worldwide under the name Yomesan.

The drug works by preventing a virus from invading host cells, and thereby suppresses its proliferation.

During trials in Korea it exhibited a strong antiviral effect against coronavirus when tested in animals.

Researchers found it to be 40 more than 40 times more effective than Remdesivir - one of the pharmaceuticals used to treat President Donald Trump - and 26 times more effective than Chloroquine.

Both drugs are currently undergoing clinical trials around the world.

Nucleus Network in Brisbane has begun recruitment for phase one of the trial that will be conducted on healthy volunteers who will not be exposed to the virus.

The clinical research body's principle investigator Associate Professor Paul Griffin said the results of this study will advance the understanding of the drug as a treatment for COVID-19.

"Niclosamide is already on the market as an anti-parasitic pill," he said.

"It has decades of testing behind it, but as with all new applications of pharmaceuticals, we will investigate and study the safety and efficiency of the drug."

Researchers say the drug could potentially improve COVID-19 survival rates by improving outcomes for common coronavirus side effects such as lung tissue damage and severe respiratory syndrome.

Coronavirus has caused 905 deaths in Australia and more than one million around the world.

SOURCE: https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-drug-trial-brisbane-clinic-human-trials-anti-viral-australia-news/dd3f6598-31d3-45b1-bf9d-17c07179ec1d

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