05 Dec 2019

Brisbane and surrounds facing water restrictions as dam levels hit 11-year low

South-east Queenslanders are being urged to curb their water use as the region hurtles towards restrictions after dam levels fell to a combined 11-year low.

Dam levels have dropped below 60 per cent capacity on Tuesday - the lowest level since the Millennium Drought broke in 2008 - while the region's biggest drinking water source, Wivenhoe Dam, fell under 48 per cent.

Seqwater says it will wait for the dam levels to sit at half full before considering imposing water restrictions, with hopes that won't happen until mid-2020.

But Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate says the time for residents to start thinking about their water consumption is now.

"Starting early is good," he said.

"Start changing your habits. Water is life and it's a precious commodity."

He has called on people have shorter showers and water their gardens at a time when evaporation is not a factor.

Steven Kenway from the University of Queensland's Advanced Water Management Centre has little doubt the region will eventually be subject to water restrictions.

But he's concerned cutting people's usage will be harder than in 2005 when the last set of water restrictions began, urging authorities to immediately begin conversations with residents about reducing consumption.

"Last time, we did a fantastic job at demand management, but the challenges are going to be quite different this time," he told 7NEWS.com.au.

SOURCE ; https://7news.com.au/news/qld/brisbane-and-surrounds-facing-water-restrictions-as-dam-levels-hit-11-year-low-c-564366

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