19 Jan 2018

Almost 200 cars taken off the road after hooning

Almost 200 Queenslanders have been busted hooning or driving unregistered vehicles over the holiday period, including a man who flipped his car onto its roof.

On Thursday Queensland Police revealed since December 23 they impounded or removed plates from 199 offending vehicles.

A white Toyota Camry was seized at Varsity Lakes on Wednesday after it hit a median strip and flipped on its roof.

The man behind the wheel was first seen by police about 8.25pm when he was speeding at 130km/h down Nerang Broadbeach Road at Carrara with the car’s lights off and driver’s door open.

The sedan was later seen driving at dangerously high speeds, swerving onto median strips and grass verges before continuing through several red lights.

Police started a pursuit on Oceanic Drive at Mermaid Waters but it was stopped because of the man’s dangerous driving.

The car was found crashed and on its roof at the intersection of Christine Avenue and Lowood Court.

It was understood the car had failed to negotiate a roundabout before hitting a median strip and flipping.

The driver fled but was found by police later in the yard of a nearby property.

Paramedics took the man to hospital with a leg injury and police seized his car.

Hooning was down in the first part of 2017 compared to the previous year. Last June, 185 cars had been impounded, compared to 351 during the same month in 2016.

Thursday marked the end of Queensland Police's 12-day Festive Break stage of the Christmas road safety campaign.

This year’s data revealed motorists were slightly better at wearing seatbelts and not using mobile phones but more drivers were caught under the influence of drugs and speeding.

While there were fewer traffic crashes and persons injured than last year, there were two more fatal crashes and four more people killed on Queensland roads.

The worst road offenders caught during the Christmas break include a driver doing 215km/h in a 110 zone on the Flinders Highway and a driver at Newtown who had a blood alcohol level of 0.286, more than four times the legal limit.

Queensland Police has now entered the next stage of its road blitz, which will run until January 25.


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