07 Feb 2019

A Quick Guide to Property Rental Repairs

As Landlord/Property Manager, you’re always responsible for emergency repairs, but what’s the best way to proceed to avoid further issues? Here are a few tips to remember.

Respond to a tenant’s request within 24 hours. The tenants should be provided with after hours emergency trades contact details in case of emergencies after hours, on holidays or weekends. The tenant should be informed of an action plan, such as when and what repairs will be made and when tradespeople are due to arrive.

In between tenancies, you can save time by inspecting what minor repairs need to made. Check the state of your property rental and see if appliances are in good condition as well as signs of fair wear and tear.

A good property manager should not just be communicative, but know how to diffuse a tense situation, which is often the case when it comes to emergencies. A property manager should also be aware of what is an urgent repair and what can wait. What’s more, they know who bears responsibility for particular repairs.


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