11 Dec 2019

7 Best and easy air conditioner maintenance tips to beat the heat

Have you ever faced the issue of your air conditioner not blowing cold air?

Well, it is not surprising that your air conditioner is working but not cooling. In such a situation, your bill is running but you aren’t getting any benefit. Likewise, you may have seen a drastic drop of the cool air over a period of time.

Indeed, yes. Hence, you need to have a routine maintenance of your air conditioner so that it works to its optimum.

You will equally be experiencing the following benefits

  • Great level of efficiency
  • Save Energy
  • Pay less bill

Hence, through the following post, you will know essential troubleshooting methods which many of you may do easily. However, if at any point in time you feel that you need an expert hand, then don’t hesitate to call the professional technician, as it is always the best thing to be safe than sorry.

Let’s now take a look at few of the easy air conditioner maintenance tips:-

Check the outdoor unit

If your home ac not blowing cold air, check the outdoor unit, as it may have dirt or clippings of grass which slowly start building on the unit. There may be air flow reduction due to same, thus decreasing its efficiency and capacity. Now, what you need to do is to shut the unit first, and gently clear the debris which is mounted on it by maintaining proper care of not damaging the delicate fins. If the nearby branches are hindering the air flow, then trim them, so that air flow doesn’t hinder. Even the vents can be blocked, which protect sensitive coils. If unchecked, it results in the minimal air flow and the ac will be shutdown.

Inspect the thermostat

Have you ever faced sleepless nights because your ac wasn’t working properly? If yes, then don’t worry. There is even a great chance that the thermostat may not properly function. Check the batteries, if its screen isn’t properly lit or looks faint. There is nothing better, if the replacement of fresh batteries address the need. Also, go through its settings and check, if proper instructions are already fed.

Fix air leaks

Do you know that you lose 30% of cooling through leaks from windows or ac units?

Well, right, as difficult as it may sound it, you need to fix those leaks.

How to ascertain them?

  • For window units

Well, it is easy. Take an incense stick and hold near the window frame where ac is mounted.

  • For central ac

Take the incense stick near duct connections.

Now, in both the situations above, if the smoke blows around, then you know there is a leak. So, fix it accordingly. Well, for window units, use stuff foam to fill the gap in between or else, use foil tape or dust mastic based on the extent of area to be covered by the tape.

Know about landscaping

Do you know the reason for central ac not blowing cold? If the outdoor unit is placed in an open area, surrounding rocks, cement etc or placed in the west or southern part of your home with no shade, then the temperature will increase and radiate heat. Hence, choose the place wisely.

Install window film for energy saving mechanism

Well, another one of the reasons of finding the answer to your query of why my ac is blowing hot air is by ensuring cooler surroundings in the room. Yes, if your room window has film in the inside, then it creates a cool comfort of your room in summers, but also warm in chilling winters. Always check your air conditioner well in advance than on the hot day itself. Yes, by doing so, you may well need a professional assistance. Since you have ample time, you can undergo the repair before the summer sets in.

Clean / replace the filter or Call an HVAC professional

Do you know that your air conditioner works the hardest on hot sultry days? Yes, similarly, it needs regular watch where cleaning the air filter is one such aspect. Especially, when you feel that in occasions or typical weather conditions, your ac will be used excessively, like with regards to family functions or parties or during peak of summers and winters. You may have seen that as your technician takes out the filter, (you may do on your own, if you are proficient, but don’t take chance) it will be full of dirt which hinders the smooth passage of air flow. Now, it is no wonder to imagine, that air passing through thick suit, will naturally have allergen particles and you have been inhaling the same. There will also be a drastic reduction of the amount of coolness, as you start to feel that air conditioner not blowing cold air but running. So, do check it, if you haven’t cleaned the filter recently. Well, if the problem persists then it is important to call an experienced, dedicated and certified professional who will inspect and clean the unit right before the hot season begins.

Water leaking from air conditioner

If you have experienced water entering the room from the ac, then the first tip you need to do, is to switch off the ac. If unchecked, it may pose serious damage. It happens due to clogged drain which backs the water. Well, if you know that you can use a dry vacuum yourself, then fine, otherwise take the assistance of a technician. Since, you know that you have done trouble shooting yourself, but still the ac stopped blowing cold air

Final thoughts

Now, you won’t have to face excruciating heat, just because your home ac blowing hot air or has stopped working. Well, the aforesaid post has highlighted few of the basic tips where you can check for yourself, or else you can easily call a professional technician to repair the issue.

Yes, you can trouble shoot first for ac blowing warm air as you have gained basic knowledge of the steps to follow.

Source ; https://talesbuzz.com/7-best-and-easy-air-conditioner-maintenance-tips-to-beat-the-heat/

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